Imagine choosing to move into a community because of the culture within that community. Imagine making your alignment with the community a higher priority with respect to lifestyle than the features of the house or condo or apartment you are exploring as your future accommodation. It seems a question that prioritizes you and your neighbours over buildings.

As for you, what if your list of things that need to align consisted of things like playing a sport or opportunities for discussing issues with other community members. What if each community listed the sports and/or activities available? What if how the elected representatives and the members of the community voted on issues was on public record? This would add a potential layer of examination regarding alignment. Potential residents would have more information to compare with what’s important to them and their families.

It is easier to follow a plan that has been put together in a story through a book. If you read the Day Walker series of books, you will gain a sense of how communities can create their own common interest geopolitical areas.

Although the Day Walker books describe a place and a time in the future with superior technology and medicine, the story still allows readers to see the possibility and benefits of building interpersonal relationships within their communities. The intention is to create a roadmap toward an improved path forward for us, our families, friends and neighbors.

It is so difficult now to envision a community that offers something different and better than what is there now but it is entirely possible. We, the people, are the higher power that can use the technology and medicine we have now and the new developments in the future to support even more improvements.

It is critically important that there is no real replacement for social F2F interactions. And we should never lose sight of how others view our behaviors towards others.

In the Day Walker books you will read how it was possible to right all wrongs in societies in every country on earth almost immediately, but the will to do it was not present. Most people in places of influence that abuse their power have been able to do so because they have not encountered limits or opposition. When no limits or boundaries are present, this is tantamount to granting permission to betray the trust of the office. In other words, we have allowed them to take more power than was granted and we failed to give them an option for another path to follow.

As communities build towards the Work The Talk philosophy, others will graduate or be promoted into places of authority with a greater openness for doing what is best for the people they lead. Businesses will thrive under a culture that demands fairness and promotes those who would treat their workers as they would like to be treated themselves.

Not only can you be part of the Work The Talk roadmap, you can be part of making certain the map stays on track and is updated or corrected as necessary to ensure it serves the will of each community.