Think about the activities in which you normally engage. What is it about these activities that has value to you and that could be valuable to others? Is it your time? Is it your talent? Or is it your treasure? Did you ever think about giving something of value to you with the intention that your action might benefit many other people?

Whatever you decide to give to others is called a resource and that is a valuable thing. When you give that resource away for the purpose of contributing to others, you become a philanthropist. In other words, you become a person who actively seeks to find ways to promote goodwill and improve human welfare through your donation.

Do you reside within a community? Imagine being a community philanthropist. As a community philanthropist, you may be regarded as a person who is giving a sense of belonging and hope for the future to your neighbours. You become a person who is making yourself available for collaboration and leadership. With a firm belief that your actions can lead to positive outcomes, you may be assisting the realization of your community’s visions for the future.

Now imagine more people like you in your neighbourhood pooling their resources to build and sustain a stronger community. Is this a cause that you would like to undertake? Is this a community where you and your family would want to live and prosper? Then why not learn more about the concept of Apple River Communities and make a donation to “Work the Talk”. Think of your contribution as a step toward building assets for your future community!