Imagine having the opportunity to foot race against your neighbor. Imagine being the fastest runner in your community or participating in batting practice when you are 75 years old and haven’t swung a bat for 60 years.

Comradery builds quicky through engagement in physical activities with others. Activities may be noncompetitive or semi-competitive. Participation creates opportunities for conversation and the exchange of ideas. Being part of an activity can deliver a feeling of accomplishment no matter your age. There is a combined social and physical benefit.

People should never be sidelined from sports or social activities because of their age or physical conditioning. Participation should not be limited to the fittest of participants. Being a part of group activities makes a huge difference in people’s lives not to mention that every one of us can reap the benefits of group interaction through activity.

I grew up in a small-town community where we had a place for people to meet and talk about their day or listen to others do the same. It was a good way for people to discuss things and showcase their personalities. It was similar to business networking except it was mainly personal information.

From that people would better understand others and form their own opinions about the people that lived in their community. There was some gossip of course but it was to be expected. Work The Talk is committed to doing the same in each community. These meetings would be unscripted and held outdoors when the weather permitted and inside when it didn’t.

This would be a good opportunity to discuss issues that effect their community on a municipal, provincial or federal level. Sometimes people can make decisions on issues from how it might affect their immediate family. However, by discussing your thoughts with others it can solidify your decision or change it depending on the information you hear.

Share your thoughts and ask questions to more than one person to get different reasons for how people view an issue. Always be aware of someone trying to sell you on an idea rather than sharing their opinion.

Imagine a place where the people living in a community collectively assist the other people in their community to participate in a broad range of physical and social activities. These physical and social activities are basic in nature. Physical activities can be a foot race or batting practice for people of all ages. You can tell someone who has good mobility just by watching them walk or perform basic movements.